Six Whiskeys Away in the TOP 40 countdown in the UK.

This year has been a disaster for many folks.  It was no different for me, as I finally pulled together the songs for the Six Whiskeys Away album and then the Covid-19 Coronavirus hit.  Not being able to play out had a huge impact on getting anybody to listen since this was the first outing going solo, but the folks across the pond and in Australia managed to pick up on the songs and were very supportive and encouraging.  It was an honor to be listed in the Top 40 countdown for the year in Country Music People Magazine and I look forward to things opening up in 2021.

Six Whiskeys Away - Out now 

Six Whiskeys Away has been out for a few days now, so I'm watching as the spins trickle in.  Now that it's out, I can start working on some new stuff to start adding to the collection.  Looking forward to folks getting a chance to at least hear some of these.

New full album coming soon! 

Six Whiskeys Away is coming soon.  It's a bucket list item of all original traditional and Texas style country music featuring a lot of steel guitar, fiddle and honky tonkedness.